Guest overwhelming way to buy gold sale

Calculate the amount of the last trading day , As My Tran - Director of Business Doji Group confirmed today that a mutation trading day , the total amount of buying and selling more than 3,000 volumes, higher 3 times yesterday . Prior to that , there are now only trading days are 700-800 amount . This number is the key units at the end of the day to report to the State Bank from the past few months .

" Guests go gold sales accounted for 70 % of total transactions today ," My grandmother said . In particular , the number of people selling the most concentrated in the morning when the prices are quite high compared to yesterday . And to the afternoon , the market appeared many buyers - particularly in two areas of Da Nang and Hanoi as copper prices dropped by nearly 200,000 .

Not only retail customers , many large traders also focused in the late afternoon . When retail prices are listed Doji at 36.22 million, wholesale prices for wholesale buyers is 36.18 to 36.19 million.

Not only Doji , the trend of customer sales are overwhelming at Phu Quy store . A representative of this business exclaims : " Today the whole show the seller , the amount of gold that customers buy from stores selling high- sold more than half, " he said .

Also Nguyen Ngoc Trong , head of business PNJ explained by the weak purchasing power in the market , the domestic gold price quickly fell under the new world , can not hold high near 36.4 million as the first day , to around 36.2 million.

According enterprises , the domestic gold market is stable in accordance with the wishes of management agencies . The evaluation factors to stabilize the market , according to the State Bank , to buy gold is weak demand , low price range market prices moved sideways .

" Therefore, I believe that in near future the State Bank will not rush gold bidding organization . Bidding stabilization purposes , avoid price speculation . Currently, the market does not appear this factor , "said Nguyen Ngoc Trong said . Representatives of many businesses that are self-regulating the power supply , but would be willing to participate in auctions , if State Bank continues to organize in future .

International markets sharply escalated 28 USD in yesterday and continued to rise at the beginning of the Asian session this morning . However, in preparation for the European session in the afternoon , prices fell sharply . As of 17h32 in Hanoi time equivalents $ 1,339.6 per ounce , down $ 10.7 compared to open .

Experts world that causes prices retreated as tensions in the region Russia - Ukraine has decreased . Russian president ordered believe withdrawal is exercise in central and western countries have bases crushed earlier concerns that the army will attack the Ukraine . Tensions in the region are also cause gold prices to go up yesterday .

At this price , each equivalent amount of gold world 34 million if as Vietnamese Dong ( excluding taxes and fees of all kinds ) . The difference between the gold price and foreign widening to 2.2 million instead of 1.9 million this morning .

PNJ representative will predict the difference widening as if the international market to decline and vice versa . " Despite the global gold price movements up or down in the near future , the domestic market will be mainly horizontal " PNJ representative said.

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