Instability Ukraine pushed gold prices to peak 4 months

Military tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to make investors seek safe haven stuff is gold , and sell risky assets like stocks. Converted at the bank rate , the amount of gold in the world each equivalent to about 34.37 million ( not including taxes , fees , processing ... ) . Yesterday 's closing price in the domestic market revolves around 36.28 to 36.34 million.

The interest rate of government bonds , U.S. dollars and yen rose after Russia criticized Ukraine send thousands more troops to the Crimea - where most Russians live. Analysts said gold prices have benefited from the reaction when buying stocks and bonds plunged Russia . Russia 's central bank yesterday raised interest rates and had to hit the $ 12 billion in reserves to prevent copper Rouble devaluation .

Global Securities also go down because of economic uncertainty . The S & P 500 lost 0.7 % American yesterday . FTSE 100 (UK ) fell 1.5 % , while the Dax ( German ) lost 3.4 % .
* Ukraine crisis threatens global economy

" Conflict escalation and its impact on the European economy that many people continue to leave the stock market to move into gold ," said Jeffrey Sica - chief investment officer at Sica Wealth Management commented .

Prices for April gold futures contract rose $ 28.7 an ounce to $ 1,350 . Trading volume is 10% higher than the average of 30 days . The Russian military intervention in Ukraine also pushed oil prices up 2 % .

Some analysts said gold could still lose value due to sell-off , if the crisis in Ukraine are resolved quickly . " Instability around Ukraine could push gold prices higher in the coming weeks . However , the country is also seeking to terminate this solution ," Robin Bhar - Analysts at Societe Generale said .

This weekend , the U.S. will release February jobs report . This will help investors gauge whether the U.S. Federal Reserve ( Fed ) rate change reduced or no stimulation . Previously, data on manufacturing and housing in the U.S. are going down , partly due to bad weather .

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