Gold investors take profits after racing Putin's statement

Information on investor makes profit taking , after gold rose sharply earlier this week . S & P 500 index on U.S. exchanges rose 1.5 % after the President of Russia - Vladimir Putin ordered military exercises near the border with Ukraine to withdraw to their bases , to cool tensions here .

Converted at the bank rate , the amount of gold in the world each equivalent to about 33.97 million ( not including taxes , fees , processing ... ) . Yesterday 's closing price in the domestic market revolves around 36.16 to 36.22 million.

On 3/3 , both gold and U.S. government bond prices rose . Investors seek shelter tool fearing conflict between Russia and the West around the issue of Ukraine .

However , analysts said the economic uncertainty related to Ukraine will support gold prices . " All you need now is a problem as Ukraine , that are worried about the global economy . Said that I would have a lot of investors into gold ," said Tom Power - senior broker at RJO Futures said .

Prices for April gold futures contract fell $ 12.4 an ounce , down $ 1,338 . Trading volume 10 % lower than the average of 30 days .

The buying of private investors has surged in February , after three consecutive down months , according to a survey by online BullionVault gold exchange . Gold Investor Index - a measure of the percentage of people buy gold compared to gold sales increased to 53.5 in the previous month .

Indian Finance Minister yesterday said the problem has yet to loosen restrictions on the import of this . India have lost his throne largest gold consumer in the world at the hands of China , due to the restraint measures by the Government to reduce the current deficit .

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