Buy cars run registration fee: As sitting on fire

Following on 1/1/2012, the money to own a car will be more teams from a few dozen to a hundred million, even billion for the ultra-luxury cars or supercars.

However, all buyers who wish to sell the car and there were hardly in the race registration fees in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City today.

Not easy finishing 1/1/2012

Buying a car ran taxes, fees no longer a rare phenomenon in Vietnam after a while that every time, all taxes and fees related to the car adjustments, which largely follow an increasing trend, which many consumers are going to demand and rush to buy cars.


Remember the same time 3 years ago ( late 2008) , the car market in Hanoi less churn as registration fee increases from 10 % to 12 % . Also at the end of 2009, the car import tax adjustments made ​​the car more active market and that consumers would have to " join the party " to run fast purchase tax .

This year too, the car needs is very " anxious " when registration fees in Hanoi increased by 8 % while costs increased by 5 % in HCMC . In addition, as the number plate charge also increased 10-fold compared with this year .

Can mentally calculate the difference when buying a car worth $ 1 billion before and after 1/1/2012 , Hanoi consumers will spend an additional 8 % x 1 billion + 18 million = 98 million in Meanwhile in HCMC increased amount must be at least 50 million.

But is so anxious to " run " trot lot fee before 1/1/2012 is not easy in the present moment , because there is too little time and sales are also not available . Some customers choose to just have to buy the right car needs without regard to brand , especially popular cars below 1 billion, but the actual market is not easy for them to have it can be done .

There are harder to sell cars , so you do not have a car

It is not to say the market objectively " riot " or fever xinh declination registration fee by comparison with the previous batch run tax charge , the car market later this year but no less exciting than many " warm " than before .

The car brand cars and " hot " does not have a car to sell , and some cars and slow-selling brand is not much improvement in sales .

These luxury cars like Porsche , BMW , Audi , the targets are sold in more than a month now . The distributor has also measures apply quotas to sell the car next year but if the support received from the company did not keep the car shipped to delivery to the customer is not left by the plan 's producing just enough in each market . Therefore , customers want to buy cars from the distributor to run genuine tax will be extremely difficult .

Meanwhile , for the best-selling car in Vietnam in recent years is also not more Toyota cars for sale. The causes of this situation for Japan 's venture influences of the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year , followed by the effects of prolonged flooding in Thailand led to a lack of spare parts and components to assemble the car .

Although the two brands Hyundai and Kia hardly be affected this year , and sales are located in the highest group . When customers put in two brand this surge has led to congestion status , so many cases also pity after getting in the car .

With Ford cars have many customers ordered Fiesta is also always in stock shortages since launch day ( 21/4/2011 ) , while the other line but also sell better but not mutagenic by design not much has changed compared to the previous year . Almost like Ford , Honda Civic and the CRV two little innovation also reduces the attraction of visitors buy tax run this occasion .

There are also major brands such as Volkswagen and Renault are not listed vehicle purchase tax choice of consumers , by providing quality vehicles from two units is too low , the relatively high price and lack of ability competition .

In contrast with the rules years ago , when the joint venture and genuine importers in short supply , the system not genuine sales are always additional choices and reasonable to consumers . However, limited information from 20 of the imported cars , sales systems also lack of a serious car , most cars are sold in the form of imports from 20 before the effect.

Selected as " farmers "

While car buyers want to have to register before G , the sellers are very anxious to purchase contracts in recent time . These contract vehicles in the year but there are still no reason production or transportation is problematic . Just step into 1/1/2012 date , so customers will be able to cancel the purchase contract to find a more suitable alternatives .

As such , not the seller must return the deposit because the contract done wrong , but also to pay a series of costs incurred by the car was not delivered as bank interest , cost saving vehicles , ... Just for that reason , that a number of establishments selling prepared before tax plan stands out registration and pre- sea or negotiate with customers in order to share cost difference . Even so , the plan no matter what the seller is also affected business plans , reduced revenues , selling expenses even have to comply with the contract.

Taxes not running well for a short time , many people had chosen to be " farmers " from coast to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Sea provinces bought for cash assistance because if there is " fed " new car , play car old is not easy . Current price not lower car and also the choice of many potential car buyers risk .


Source : Bloomberg

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