Tax Adjustments many items from 01.01.2012

According to the Finance Ministry , in 2012 there will be many changes in the export tariff , preferential imports this year compared with both the name list of goods includes goods , tariff , and tax rates .

Accordingly, the biggest change in the tax tariff of 2012 tariff under 8 digits ( 10 digits previously ) resulted in the number of tariff lines in the preferential import tariff has increased by 1,258 lines compared with harmonized list and description of the goods encryption ASEAN countries in 2007 , an increase of 336 tariff lines compared with the list of preferential import tariffs prevailing in Vietnam , the rate of change than 1,000 tariff lines of Schedule preferential import tariffs and tariff changes by more than 40 tariff lines of the export tariff .

In addition, the tariff structure is also different in 2012 than this year 's tax table has 98 more chapters beyond chapter 97 on the list of exports , Vietnam to import tariff regulations for some items group -specific items .


Export Tariff list in 2012 included 87 groups of goods , mainly commodities like mineral ores , rocks , sand , metal goods , scrap metal , gold , iron, copper and a number of aviation other export incentive . Most items are kept tax rates applicable export regulations and be updated with new items or modify additional tax this year .

At the same time , to implement WTO commitments in 2012 the export tax rebate and processing of business proposals in recent years , the export tax rate cuts were implemented 24 commodity groups " scrap and of scrap metal " from 22 % to 29 % and at the rates corresponding to 22 % and 17 % .

In addition, reduction of export goods " white limestone processed " from 17 % to 14 % to remove difficulties for businesses in the current period 's Resolution 11/NQ-CP government .

Content preferential import tariff in 2012 also has many changes in the tax rate as the tax rate change of more than 1,000 tariff lines , in which the rate change of 945 items to follow roadmap for tax cuts 2012 WTO commitments as to increase import duty of 157 tariff line items are adjusted tax increases necessary to protect the production, import restrictions , including 108 tariff lines increased compared with the current 1-2 % downward adjustment of 87 import duty tax line is the raw materials , supplies, components can not be produced domestically or to overcome irrational ensure conformity with the import tariff products , of which 7 tariff lines decreased from 1-2 % , 80 tariff lines decreased more ...

Structure of import tariffs, incentives , chapter 97 , in addition to the list of exports , Vietnam imported , the import tariff preferences in 2012 there are 98 more chapters to the regulated preferential import duty rates own preferences for some items , item -specific groups have been made in recent years and avoid a great impact on manufacturing industries in some countries due to the change of the gross tax rate tariffs .

Export tariff , preferential import tariff issued Circular No. 157/2011/TT-BTC will have effect from the date of 1/1/2012 .

Source : DDDN

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